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Islamic Studies

- Students attend Friday prayer and middle schoolers learn to prepare and present their own Friday Khutbah, attend Friday story time, and play a fun and interactive Jeopardy Game

- Real World applications of Islamic principles such as the ‘Sadaqa/Charity Project’ - Focus on important events on the Islamic calendar such as Ramadan and Hajj

- Students participate in debates and presentations to increase their knowledge and confidence.

- Each student has his/her own Book of Duaa and Book of Hadith - Middle school male students learn the etiquette of giving a FridayJumaa Prayer

Elementary & Middle School students assemble daily for Dhuhr prayer in the Mosque and attend weekly Jum’a (Friday) Prayer. Guest speakers are invited to give the Khutbah (lecture), which may often correlate with our value or theme of the week. Students participate in a discussion related to the Khutbah in the classroom after the prayer.

All elementary & middle school age girls must wear white scarves for prayer every day. Girls in grades 2-8 grade must wear a complete set of white prayer clothing that covers their entire body (2 piece set including long white skirt and long hijab).