Board of Trustees

Message from Mrs. Samar Katbi, Board President

Minaret Academy relies on the partnership and commitment of our entire school community to develop and periodically build on a shared vision, affirming that all students are empowered to be successful learners and confident problem solvers. Minaret Academy students will have opportunities to develop both technical and critical thinking skills to make them productive participants in the technological community of the 21st century. At Minaret Academy, all students have equal access to a rigorous curriculum with high expectations necessary for successful transition to any high school. Minaret Academy graduates will continue to demonstrate positive character qualities, good social skills (conflict resolution), and respect for cultural diversity as they move on in life.

Samar Katbi


Imtiaz Mohammady


Samer Soubra


Nayrouz Raslan


Advisory Board

Susan Haggag

Seema Ali

Ayman Balshe


Shabnum Husain

Raziya Simjee