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Minaret Academy has taken a lead role and is a pioneer in implementing effective teaching methodologies for teaching Arabic as a foreign language. Minaret Academy has been recognized for its success in teaching Arabic Language to Native and Non-Native speakers. Minaret Academy Arabic Department is innovative and creative in its approach to teaching and designing age-appropriate material for its students. Interactive technology and custom hands-on materials are utilized daily in the classroom. The Arabic curriculum is based on developing thematic units that are based on standards instruction.

Teachers use authentic materials that are age-appropriate. Teachers’ use of technology to engage students is a growing trend in our classrooms. In the classroom, the teacher utilizes a variety of assessment tools to monitor each student’s progress. The assessment tools may include rubrics, oral and/or written assessment. Minaret Academy Arabic Department’s objective is to design and develop a motivating and advanced curriculum to benefit each student.

The Arabic program at Minaret Academy focuses on building student’s language. We design Arabic programs that are standards-based that focus on what students should know and be able to do with the language. The program is thematically oriented. Performance tasks are designed to provide evidence of students achieving the curriculum learning outcomes. Culture is embedded in teaching the language and connects to other subject areas studied in school. The Arabic curriculum includes various units that have many fun and age-appropriate activities.